Building a Enterprise Data Warehouse for Fraud and Statutory Reporting in the Banking Sector


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The customer had a need for a Single Centralised Universal Ledger to report across the entire banks internal banking core systems and their 19 alliance partners.

By building a USL (Universal Sub Ledger) solution for the bank that takes care of the different Banking entities relationships, and building up a hierarchy with the data, we were able to deliver a fully functional Enterprise data warehouse with full recon of data, as well as Suspense account management, and statutory regulated reporting in 6 months.

AML reporting use to take 3 resources working non-stop to deliver the Anti Money laundering reporting to the regulators, but with the new system this was an automated process that ran on the data in the Enterprise data warehouse and immediately made the bank compliant with regulation at a reduced expense. Allowing the freed-up resources to be better allocated for other key rolls.

Key Features:

AML Reporting

  • 3 resources working fulltime on reporting for 12 months
  • 810 Hours of effort saved per year

Operational Reporting (Daily Checks:)

  • 2 resources fulltime allocated to measure data processes, prepare queries and finding data
  • 540 hours of effort saver per year

Support of original System versus EDW solution

  • Solution is self-maintained and autocorrects late or missing data when received.
  • Original legacy system had maintenance costs of R1,68 million per year, this is now being done be a single resource for a portion of his daily effort.

Other reporting included:

  • SACRRA reporting
    • SACRRA requires all financial institutions to report information on their customers’ credit and risk profiles to credit bureaus on a regular basis.
  • BOPCARD Reporting
    • BOPCARD reporting on details of the cardholder’s identity, transaction history, and other relevant data.
  • IT3b Reporting
    • The IT3b report is a summary of all tax-related transactions for the financial year, including interest, dividends, and capital gains, earned by an individual.

Technologies used:

  • CloverDX
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server Cube and Analytical services


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