Created a Custom Online Mandate System that allows forms to be published on websites to record the submission of Debit Order requests for Clients


Development of a Custom Online Mandate System for a Client to publish Debit Order Mandates to NPO websites to allow the capturing of a Clients Debit Order request and submitting it for Monthly payments via a Reputable Payment provider.

Online Mandate System

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The problem we had to solve was the ability to create a Branded Web page that can be injected into a customers website that allow their clients to submit a Debit order form (Online Mandate) to allow a Debit order to be processed off their account.

The Solution had to allow a Customer to setup the Web page with the Online Mandate form to be branded to fit into their existing website styling, publish the form and then insert it into their website to be presented to their website visitors.

Once the Mandate form is completed by the website visitor, the account owner needs to sign the form online, and submit the form to the Online Mandate System.

The system creates the Owner of the Debit Order (Donor), creates a PDF copy of the agreement that is then sent to the Donor for their records. The Debit order is loaded in the system to be stored and processed every month for as long as the agreement is active.

The Online Mandate System also allows the Website owner to maintain, report and customise the forms as they need, and report on their monthly income being generated by the Online Mandates.

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